Name: Shamenova Balkhash Muralievna

Date of birth: 13.05.1964

Education: higher

Position: Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Name: Kenzhegulova Marzia Baitanatovna

Date and place of birth: 15.04.1968, the Bukharbai batyr village, Zhalagash district, Kyzylorda region

Nationality: Kazakh Family

Work Experience: 24.09.1991-31.01.1997 Engineer in the village Bukharbai batyr 12.01.1998-02.05.2000. Akim of Bukharbai batyr village From 20.05.2000 to present - Deputy teacher of history at Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college since 01.09.2015

Education: 1. Higher - Saratov Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture named after MI Kalinin, engineer-mechanic 2. Higher - Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata, teacher of history, law and economics.

Languages: Kazakh, Russian

Professional experience: 27 years

Pedagogical experience: 18 years

Category: Higher category (2012) Awards: Letter of thanks from the Governor (2016), Certificate of Merit from the Regional Education Department (2007, 2012); Letter of thanks from the district akim (2011); 2 place in the regional competition "The best general teacher - 2014" Letter of thanks from the regional committee of the Red Crescent Society (2013);

Name: Tursynbayeva Gulmira Kishkenbaevna

Date of birth: July 27, 1969

Education: higher

Position: Deputy Director for Education

Full name: Taurbaeva Raikhan Almabayevna
Date of birth: 16.01.1972
Education: higher
Position: Methodist

Name: Abdramanov Bakytzhan Batyrbekovich
Date of birth: 04.10.1975
Education: higher
Position: Senior Master


Name: Eszhanov Saparbek Bakhytbekovich

Date of birth: December 17, 1980

Education: higher

Position: Head of the Personnel Department

Name: Nakul Nurgul Zhakagulovna

Date of birth: 24.08.1975

Education: higher

Position: Chief Accountant

Full name: Tleumbetov Kanibai Aidarkhanovich

Date of birth: 25.11.1960

Education: higher

Position: Deputy Director for Economic Affairs

Full name: Asyl Bolatovna Kanbayeva

Date of birth: September 30, 1996

Education: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Position: Psychology