College information

Information on the implementation of the program "Free Vocational Education for All" at the Zhalagash Industrial and Agricultural College for the 2017-2018 academic year

To date, Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college with the 59-year history in the district center still works systematically for the purpose of qualitative education and a qualitative education of students on preparation of working personnel on various specialties necessary for the district. Thousands of college graduates are now serving the sovereignty of the country.

  • In 1959 according to the order №220 of Kyzylorda oblast management of professional technical education the school of mechanization and mechanization of agriculture №150 (UMSH-150) was opened in Zhalagash region on December 20, 1959.
  • In 1984, vocational technical school # 15
  • In 1998, the vocational school # 3
  • In 2009, vocational lyceum No. 3
  • In 2012, State Institution "Zhalagash Industrial and Agricultural College"
  • In December 2013 it was transformed into the communal state enterprise "Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college" of Kyzylorda oblast management of education.


License # 14005171, issued on 16.04.2014 by the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Department of Control of Education of Kyzylorda region, and the college also has a training system in the following specialties.

1.1401000-Construction and operation of buildings and structures.

2.1114000-Welding (by type)

3.0508000 - Catering.

4.1504000 - Farming (by profiles)

5.0901000-Electrical equipment of power plants and networks.

In accordance with the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "New opportunities for development in the context of the fourth industrial revolution" the project "Free vocational education for all" continues. In this regard, the demand for agricultural specialties is currently being prioritized.

From the regional budget for the 2017-2018 academic year, 100 students on the basis of 4 (four) lower specialties and 25 students on the specialty "Welding" were enrolled from the 9th grade graduates of the district schools at the expense of the regional budget.

Р/с Code of specialties Type of financing Form of education Duration of training Demand volume
1 1504000 - Farming The regional budget Day time 2 years 10 months on the basis of 9th grade secondary education 25 students
2 0901000 - Electrical equipment of power plants and networks -//- -//- -//- 25 students
3 1401000 - Construction and operation of buildings and structures -//- -//- -//- 25 students
4 0508000 - Catering -//- -//- -//- 25 students
5 1114000 - Welding -//- -//- 10 months 25 students
                                                                                                   Total: 125 students

Also, on behalf of the President, a meeting of the Regional Commission on the implementation of the program "Development of fruitful employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021" within the framework of the project "Free vocational education for all" and for the implementation of the program under the regional akimat dated July 19, 2017 No. 02 / Mobile group created in the district on specialties, divided into technical and vocational educational institutions, providing training of specialists by protocol decision / 1-2 / 4492 As a result of systematic work with the Department of Social Programs and Employment, the district education department, 50 students from the state budget were enrolled in the following 2 study groups for a 10-month course:

Р/с Code of specialties Type of financing Form of education Duration of training Demand volume

1504000- "Farming" Qualification: "Fruit and vegetable farmer"

The republican budget Day time 10 months on the basis of secondary education 11 classes 25 students

1504000- "Farming" Qualification: "Tractor driver"

-//- -//- -//- 25 students
                                                                                                                Total: 50 students

In addition, in the 2017-2018 academic year, `` Tractor driver '' - 3-month course - 15 students, `` Electomonomer '' - 3-month student-10 student, `` Cook '' - 3-month student - 15 student, and `` Vegetable garden gardener '' - 2 month - 15 students, "Welding" - 2 months - 15 students, "Cook" - 3 months - 15 students, received training on the specialty.

Student contingent

                                                                               Reception contingent (on the basis of state order)

Name and code of specialty Name and code of qualifications 2015-2016 academic year 2016-2017 academic year 2017-2018 academic year
9 class 11 class 9 class 11 class 9 class 11 class Effective employment
1 1504000 - Farming 1504062 - Tractor driver of agricultural production 25   25   25    
2 1114000 - Welding 1114000 - Welding 25   25   0 25  
  1504000 - Farming 1504092-Electrician for electric equipment service 25       25    
3 1401000-Construction and operation of buildings and structures 1401012-The stone mason 25   25   25    
4 0508000-Catering 0508012-Cook 25   25   25    
5 0901000-Electrical equipment of power plants and networks 0901012-Electrician     25   0    
6 1504000- "Farming Qualification: "Fruit and Vegetable Grower"             25
7 1504000- "Farming" Qualification: "Tractor driver"             25
  Total:   125 0 125 0 100 25 50

Professional orientation work in college

The college has developed and is guided by the action plan on vocational guidance of 9-11 graders of district schools for the new school year 2018-2019. In accordance with the Action Plan, in order to restore the college's teaching material base, the classroom, laboratories, workshops were repaired, the appropriate stands set, and equipment provided for the specialties. College-specific life-style slides, 2 roll rolls, and a 15-minute video clip were updated. At the entrance there is a billboard `` Applicant-2018 ''. Contacted the district education department and district schools to get accurate information about the 9-11 grade students in the 2017-2018 school year. From April 10 to April 20, 2018 an appropriate schedule was made in accordance with the district education department for the purpose of conducting `` Open Door '' days, excursions for graduates of 9th grades of district schools.

A special exhibition was organized in the compact assembly hall in order to familiarize the graduates of 9th grade schools with the life of the college. For this purpose, billboards were prepared, advertising layouts for students' creative works, special materials for teachers, production masters, and methodical works of students for their specialty were prepared and placed in 2 stacks. In addition, brochures were prepared at the college based on 5 (five) specialties being prepared for distribution to district schools. In addition, the concert program of the amateur club of college was prepared for the 9th graders of the district schools, who went on excursions during the "Open Day". The work with the district department of employment and social programs is coordinated with mobile groups created in the district to form the list of candidates for preparation of young people with technical and vocational education at the expense of 11th grade graduates.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, there will be a number of large-scale activities aimed at improving the vocational education of young people and equipping the college's educational and material base.

Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college for the purpose of practical training of internships of trained professionals within the state standards, social partnership agreements with the enterprises of the district, economic and entrepreneurial organizations, district power distribution organizations, "Sarka batyr", "Tan Ltd", "Mega Agro", In close cooperation with the companies "Akkum Ltd" and "Makpalkkol" systematic work is being done at the university. Social partnerships are being included in the financial agenda and opportunities are being considered to strengthen the educational and material resources of the university. Zhalagash Industrial-Agricultural College has fully fulfilled the state order plan for the enrollment of students for the 2017-2018 academic year, in particular. "Tractor driver of agricultural production" - 25 students, "Electrician maintenance" (electrician) - 25 students, "Construction and operation of buildings and structures" - 25 students.

In Jalagash industrial-agrarian college the conclusion of tripartite agreements and memorandums on cooperation in the field of technical and service personnel training on the basis of market relations demand and training of graduates on the basis of enterprises, institutions, farms, establishment of partnership partnerships. Challenges to the market-new learning system The prerequisites for introducing dual education into the learning process, opportunities and opportunities are being systematically identified and targeted.

Students of the college will have industrial training in I-II-III courses of the specialty "Catering Specialist", "Gas Welder", "Farms", "Construction and operation of buildings and structures", "Electrical equipment by types of power plants and networks" . In addition to the laboratories for these specialties, there are training workshops "Plumbing" and "Electric Welder", a training ground for "Electrician", a training ground for "Farmer". At the same time, the teaching and material base of these classrooms is still replenished. While working on specialties, they work in overalls and maintain safety.

The college directorial test is taken to evaluate students' knowledge. There are criteria for evaluating students' knowledge that are widely used in the learning system. In order to monitor the quality of the college's education system, a college timetable for 2017-2018 academic year has been compiled and approved by the college's head teacher. Improvement of students' knowledge and quality of teaching subject management of educational organization carries out control of quality of lessons of teachers, masters of industrial training according to control schedule of administration. Graduates are annually tested on the specialty through the branch of RSE "Republican Scientific and Methodological Center for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training" in Kyzylorda region and the quality of their professional education is determined.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the number of graduates who passed the test center reached 95%, attested by their qualifications and received certificates.

Оқу жылы Р/с Топ № Мамандық атауы Бітірушілер саны Тесттен өткен оқушылар саны Пайызы


1 85 Фермер 25 25 100%
2 86 Газэлектрдәнекерлеуші 25 25 100%
3 87 Электромонтер 24 24 100%
4 88 Тас қалаушы 20 20 100%
5 89 Аспаз 26 26 100%

Student health screening was conducted at the college, medical and sanitary condition of the college's study room, laboratory workshop, and canteen was monitored, and regular cleanliness was monitored. There are various lectures, talks for engineering students and students under the heading, "Look for a Pain-Free Way to Get a Sick Care."

There is currently no gym in the college. It is difficult to do physical education in the winter, but with the best efforts available, the college team is working hard to maintain health, using the proceeds from the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, and using the engineering summer school's new summer sports ground. commissioned. There are currently various sporting events.

College-wide faculty and students have also been involved in passing presidential tests. In order to introduce health into college life, the quality of physical education and the off-schedule sports sections were monitored. There are 4 sports sections in the college according to schedule # 2 after school, with 128 students involved. According to the plan of educational work various sports competitions, inter-group sports competitions are held in the college to promote health. In addition, members of the college staff and students also take part in district sports events.

For the purpose of development of physical culture and sports in college for the last academic year it is bought 2 soccer balls, 2 volleyball balls, 2 basketballs, 11 sets of football clothes, 10 pairs of sports shoes for 48 thousand tenge.

Currently, the college administration and the engineering-teaching staff are working on a dedicated basis. It is hoped that the college will continue to work to meet the challenges of modernity in terms of fitness and athletic development and wellness.

According to the plan of educational work among students of Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college in the beginning of the school year actions were taken to prevent crime.

In accordance with the college's activities, the college's engineering and teaching staff have done a number of effective work on educating their students about good education, quality education and legal education. Moral and legal education of students Measures to strengthen propaganda against alcohol and drug abuse were identified, and educational work with parents and law enforcement agencies was ongoing.

In order to prevent offenses among students of Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college there were organized and supervised work in 4 directions: a) student attendance; b) Attendance by students enrolled in the Juvenile Affairs Department; b) attendance of extra-curricular groups and sections by students enrolled in the Juvenile Affairs Department; c) organization of night raids in public places, on the street, in cafes, bars, restaurants, in order to liberalize adolescent nightlife.

At present time in the Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college 418 students study in 17 groups of students. There are 15 study rooms, 5 laboratories, 2 workshops and 1 training ground. The college employs 85 people, including 35 faculty members and 25 production training technicians. In addition, the computer room was reconstructed, 25 PCs and 3 interactive whiteboards were purchased. The teacher of the highest category -2, the first category - 11, the second category - 4, the undergraduate -2. All classrooms were re-equipped with modern requirements.

"Gazélektrdänekerlewşi" training college dänkerlewşi simulator laboratory, welding machine MTVR-19053 laboratory training and equipment, "" Electrician electric components and equipment, agricultural tractors and machines "educational laboratory" avtotrenajer 1komplekt ékskovator the gym - and 1komplet .b. Equipment, basic equipment of educational laboratory "Cook", basic equipment of educational laboratory "Constructor" are withdrawn and used for students' basic education. There are T-150 tractor-1, MTZ-80 tractor-2, DT-75 bulldozer-1, Gaz-53 tractor unit-2, UAZ farm-farmer-1 tractor unit.

There are 418 students enrolled in the college on a specialty basis. The amount of scholarships that students receive each month, including the environmental coefficient, is 21,787 Tenge. Orphaned and disabled students will be paid 8590 tenge in accordance with Government Decree No.320 of March 12, 2012 and will be provided with travel allowances for rural students.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, a number of significant actions were taken to improve the vocational education of young people and to equip the college's educational and material base.

The college's old building, which was transferred to the college's balance, has been repaired, a piece of equipment, furniture, and a dormitory have been repaired, all work completed, and the 2017-2018 school year completed. . At present, 41 students have been accommodated in their dormitories at their own request. Students are provided with all necessary amenities. In addition, the current repair of the old two-story building was completely completed and the system of teaching was replaced with the office system by the new school year.

Due to the funds raised in the college yard, a summer sports ground has been set up by college engineers, production training masters, and is currently undergoing physical education and various sports events at the summer sports ground. It is also planned to build a greenhouse on the basis of the UNDP Kyzylorda Oblast Representative's Office, coordinate the work to be done, and plant and maintain various vegetables and flowers. The road to the main building and sports ground was covered by the college's own expense. In addition, the regional budget is asking for extra funding to upgrade the old fences in the college yard and to repair the main building.

Achievements of college students

The regional competition of the WorldSkills Kazakhstan national championship at the regional level was held on March 29-30 this year, organized by the regional education center and the regional education center. According to the terms of the contest, Baisakal Bekzhan on the specialty "Cook" of the Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college, preparing for the working profession, Almas Abzal on the specialty "Gas Welder", won the honorary diploma.

Baysakal Bekzhan being the jury: Chef of the Kyz Zhibek Restaurant Zhumabai Zhubanovich, Head of the Department of Vocational Education, Kyzylorda State University, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Smailova Zhuldyz Zholdasovna, Chief Chef of the Turgay Petroleum Pump in the Company "West" Tazhibaeva Gulzada Zhaysanovna proved to be the winner and took the second place. As a result of the contest, the company "West" LTD offered a job for the final job chef of the Turgai Petroleum Culinary Tazhibayeva Gulzada Zhaisanovna.

The next participant, a graduate of "iron knot", Almas Abzal, who has learned the basics of this profession and is dedicated to the people of the district, was awarded with a letter of thanks. We are not mistaken in saying that our graduates have chosen this university and have a way in their future.

Second place winner in the WorldSkills Kazakhstan National Championship in Cooking, Baysaksal Bekzhan. Due to the aforementioned achievement, college graduate Baisakal Bekzhan moved to Kumkol as a cook.

Imangazy Baglan was awarded a diploma of the III degree for the best report at the regional scientific-theoretical conference "Independence of Kazakhstan - the great history of the eternal country".

She was awarded a diploma for the participation in the Olympiad among students of technical and vocational education institutions of the Kyzylorda Oblast Education Department, the first place in English language Sadek Askhat, the third place in Temirbek Biblat Mathematics, and Tolek Farida diploma for proficiency in Kazakh language.

Rakhat Bekmuratov was awarded a diploma for the Best Machinist competition of the Kyzylorda Oblast Education Department.

Among the students of technical and vocational education institutions in the nomination "Mukagali-Mangilik zhyr" and "Til-mastersy" Uali Zamanbek was awarded by the Department of Education of Kyzylorda region, methodical room of the Kyzylorda regional educational center.

The Kyzylorda Oblast Department of Education awarded Koshkarbek Nurkhan for the 2nd place in belt-belt exercises in the field of military applied sports "Otan korgaushyl".

Department of Education of Kyzylorda region Abzhan Gulzina was awarded for the III place in the competition of young akyns among students of technical and vocational educational institutions within the regional festival "Til - Mangilik Tynysh Tauelsikyn Tau".

In addition, college students take prizes in national, regional, and sports competitions of various levels.

The team of Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college took the second place in the district district team championship in table tennis among the teams of education; Handball won the third place in the district open championship among girls' teams and won a ticket to the regional competition.

On behalf of the head of Kyzylorda oblast management of education of the Zhalagash industrial-agrarian college the prize-winner of the first place in a directional competition-exhibition, which defines the direction of technical and vocational education.

According to the order of the Kyzylorda oblast akimat, through the preparation of the relevant documents for participation in the competition for placement of the state educational order for training specialists with technical and vocational education at the expense of the local budget for the 2017-2018 school year, 125 students were trained in 5 (five) study groups on the following specialties:

The college is working on 3 (three) different directions directions in the message of the Head of the state NANazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan this project "Free universal technical education for all". These include: 1. Developing a dual learning system through social partnerships, 2. Graduates systematic vocational guidance, 3. Systematically fulfilling the task of training professionals through the college's inter-farm relationships. To that end, the college administration will continue to work closely with our faculty to train qualified professionals for the life-changing environment.