Serikbayev Gani Carbozovich

Date of birth: 09.06.1964

Place of birth: Kyzylorda region, Zhalagash district, Madeniet village.

Marital status: married, brings up 3 children.

Nationality: Kazakh


  1. Turkestan Industrial and Pedagogical College for Vocational Education, Mechanical Engineer, Master of Industrial Training, Specialized Secondary
  2. Kyzylorda State University, history teacher, higher
  3. Kyzylorda Humanitarian University, Bachelor of Economics, higher

Category: І

Work experience: 32 years

Work experience:

20.07.1981-01.10.1981 Aksu state farm, worker;
30.08.1982-25.06.1983 Zhalagash elevator, mechanization;
09.08.1988-01.09.1993 Vocational school # 15, master of vocational training,
01.09.1993-03.03.2004 Teacher of vocational school №15, teacher;
03.03.2004-04.05.2006 Director of secondary school № 34 named after M. Shamenov; 04.05.2006-30.04.2008 g. Adviser to Zhalagash district akim;
30.04.2008-03.06.2010 Head of the department of education of Zhalagash district;
06.01.2011-20.03.2012 g. Inspector of Kyzylorda Oblast Passenger Transport and Motor Roads Department;
09.08.2012-30.04.2014 g. Akim of Makpalkkol village, Zhalagash district;
Since April 30, 2014 he has been working as the director of the Zhalagash industrial-agricultural college.